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Thoughts, plans, problems with converting the "design classroom into a lab with workspace".

Positives: It looks like with careful design there may be space for work tables and an 18-20 seat lab. It is close to areas needing lab time including theatre, and art. This is particularly important to Phil Johnston, Chris Lusk, and Barbra Riley

Potential problems to be resolved, evaluated:

  1. Classroom is already used for several classes including color and as a critique room (good pinup walls and lights). Of these color may be the difficult one. It needs uncluttered walls.
  2. The room is currently a dedicated art lab with Phil also teaching a course in it and giving up time in it is like giving up space. It cuts down the open room time in the building which could start to create a "where do I do this need for tabletop clean work". The up side is that the space is not scheduled full.
  3. There may not be the electrical infrastructure to support the lab. Orser says that this is relatively cheap to fix compared to the benefits.We will have to see.
  4. Funding for software. The deans budget cannot support much software. Software must come from lab fees.

Interested parties: Tech Writing, Journalism,Theatre,Art

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Page last modified on September 23, 2011, at 11:39 PM