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I am not a safety expert, or a chemist. Do not use this site as a primary source for safety, chemistry or disposal information.



Soluble Salts and data useful to clayers.

A good site on this by one of my students: James Alex Ferrante Soluble Salt Resource

I am not a safety expert, or a chemist.


Normally in glazes and surfaces clayers shy away from highly soluble materials. This is because the solubility creates problems including:

  • migration of the material into and through porous clay.
  • migration into adjacent glazes
  • affects on the rheology of the glaze such as flocculation, coagulation, deflocculation and thixotropy.
  • some of these materials can be caustic
  • increased hazards
  • disposal issues
  • reactions with other materials

This site is going to try and deal with each of these materials separately and discuss glaze and surface possibilities, and what I think I know about these materials safety, disposal, and reaction issues. In no way should anyone assume that I have any expertise in safety or chemistry and there may be places where the lack of information creates the possibility of a hazard. The material even if correct is certainly not complete.

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